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Property owners' rights are fundamental to Texans. Correspondingly, the protection of property rights is the highest priority of our experienced Houston condemnation and eminent domain attorneys at McDowell Law Group LLP.

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If a government agency is attempting to take your property through eminent domain, you deserve the effective reputation of an attorney who will fight hard to protect your right to receive just and fair market value for the governmental taking of your property or land through condemnation.

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Protect Your Rights as a Property Owner

Although the government has always been able to take residential or commercial real estate for the good of the community - to seize private land for public use - the definition of "public use" is changing.

A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision allowed a government entity to condemn land for a future for-profit use. This ruling may mean that in the next ten to fifteen years, the government could condemn and seize the land of any property owner and turn it into a shopping center or strip mall - if the government decides that is what is best for the community.

McDowell Law Group LLP has extensive experience dealing with the taking of private property for:

  • Pipelines
  • Power lines
  • Electrical substations
  • Flood management projects

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You deserve fair market value for any governmental taking of your real estate property. By getting an accurate business valuation, McDowell Law Group LLP, LLP can help you seek compensation that accounts for your expected losses now and in the future.

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