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Government regulations have set maximum weight limits for commercial trucks. A typical semi truck's weight is not supposed to exceed 80,000 pounds. Unfortunately, some trucking companies overload their vehicles to deliver more goods and make more money. This can lead to catastrophic accidents on the road.

Unsecured cargo and oversized loads can be dangerous for many reasons:

  • Cargo can fall out if a truck hits a bump
  • Wind can cause cargo to fall
  • Goods that fall on the roads can cause collisions
  • Overweight trucks can be harder to maneuver

At McDowell Law Group LLP, we help clients who have been injured in accidents caused by overloaded trucks. Our Houston overloaded trucking accident lawyers are experienced at handling all types of truck accident cases, including accidents caused by unsecured or overloaded cargo. We can help you go after the compensation you deserve for your injuries or help you pursue a claim after the loss of a loved one in a truck accident.

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Protecting You from Insurance Companies

Immediately after an accident, the trucking company's insurance investigators will be sent to the scene of the accident. They are not working to reveal the facts behind the accident, but to limit their own liability.

If you have been injured by an overloaded vehicle, it is important for you to hire a Houston truck accident attorney as soon as possible. At our firm, our lawyers will quickly work to thoroughly investigate the cause of your accident. We will diligently preserve crucial on-scene evidence, such as witness testimony and black box data from the truck in order to help you build a claim for the compensation you need and deserve.

We'll Help Maximize Your Recovery

Our attorneys will explore every avenue to aggressively pursue the compensation you need for your recovery, including medical costs, lost wages and damages for your pain and suffering. If you lost a loved one in a fatal truck accident, we will work to hold the responsible parties accountable for their negligent overloading of the truck. Our priority is always to help you fight for the highest recovery amount possible so you can recover with peace of mind.

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To discuss your options for seeking maximum recovery in a truck accident, turn to our attorneys. We can discuss your injuries and how the unsecured cargo or an overloaded trailer may have contributed to the accident. At our Houston firm, we also represent clients all across Texas.

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