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We see it on the news all the time: a tragic workplace accident claims the lives of employees or leaves them with lifelong disabilities. Despite the "safety-first" motto of most employers, accidents still happen, especially in jobs that involve inherent dangers.

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Workers' Comp May Not Be Your Only Option

Following an accident, you should never assume that workers' compensation is your only option. You may also be entitled to significant financial recovery - much more than you will receive from workers' comp - through a personal injury or wrongful death claim.

Some Texas employers choose not to offer workers' compensation. In these situations, a personal injury claim may be your only way to seek justice for an accident involving negligence.

Even if your employer does offer workers' compensation, depending on the circumstances, you may have a separate claim against other parties whose negligence contributed to the accident. These third-party liability claims are often critical to getting a full and fair recovery.

We Understand Hazardous Industries

The vast majority of work-related accidents happen in a handful of hazardous industries. The math is simple. Daily exposure to risks such as toxic substances, powerful machinery, heavy equipment, and dizzying heights leads to greater odds of a mishap. Manufacturing and construction, for example, involve heavy machinery and dangerous equipment. And the Texas oil and gas industry involves countless perils. Oil rigs and refineries are host to frequent deadly accidents.

At McDowell Law Group LLP, we understand these industries. Our attorneys use this knowledge to pursue maximum financial recovery for our clients.

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