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Brazosport Water Authority to Use Eminent Domain to Expand Pipelines

Brazosport Water Authority (BWA) may soon use its power of eminent domain to condemn property throughout Brazoria County, Texas. The authority plans on installing a new water transmission pipeline and may also need to make expansions on preexisting pipelines for the project. In order to complete the installation of the proposed pipelines, BWA will need to take private property.

The Use of Eminent Domain for Water Transmission Pipelines

To have a utility company or government agency come to your door or send a letter one day that says your property is effectively forfeited can be startling. A landowner may feel pressured to take the price offer given then and there. However, condemning entities rarely offer the compensation that landowners are entitled to receive at the beginning stages of the condemnation process.

Eminent domain cases are not always straightforward. If you have been approached by Brazosport Water Authority with an offer for your property, contact McDowell Law Group LLP for a free case evaluation. The taking of private property for a water transmission pipeline presents unique circumstances. The attorneys at McDowell Law Group LLP, LLP have experience dealing with the condemnation of property interests for water pipelines and with the condemnation of property interests in Brazoria County. Call 713.496.0504 today to schedule a free case evaluation with our team.