Eminent Domain Cases We Represent in Texas

Your Property Deserves to Be Protected

One of the government’s powers is the right to take private property and convert it for public use. The U.S. Constitution limits this power, however, granting property owners the right to fair compensation for any land that is taken from them. Even so, it is no easy task to limit the government and assert your rights.

We are the rare firm in Texas that focuses on advocating for property owners in eminent domain cases. Our Houston attorneys never represent condemning authorities. This means that our loyalty is never divided as we provide powerhouse representation for landowners in their eminent domain case. Discover how our distinguished litigators can fight for your rights.

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Understanding Condemnation in Texas

If the government wants to take your land – to build an interstate or toll road, for example – they must go through the legal process of condemnation. During this process, the agency is required to pay you fair value for the land they take. Many people's biggest mistake is that they simply roll over and take whatever the government offers them.

At McDowell Law Group LLP, we are well-versed in all matters relating to eminent domain laws and procedures. We can make sure that you are not taken advantage of by anybody.

Confidently Challenging Condemning Authorities

Your property rights are valuable. When you entrust them to the team at McDowell Law Group LLP, you will benefit from the guidance of accomplished attorneys with respected credentials. Whether your property is jeopardized by Texas departments or agencies, utilities, conservation districts, or pipeline carriers, we are ready to guide you through your eminent domain case in Texas. Our firm handles cases that involve any type of public or private condemning authority.

We also protect property owners’ rights in matters of inverse condemnation. We can help you fight for just compensation whether the condemning entity has forcibly taken your property or exacted oppressive regulations. McDowell Law Group LLP is ready to be your legal advocate.

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