Roadways and Eminent Domain

The government frequently uses its eminent domain power to build or expand roadways. These projects take a drastic toll on individual property owners. Large-scale projects such as the failed Trans-Texas Corridor proposal may impact hundreds or even thousands of private properties. And while many exercises of eminent domain occur at a more localized level, the effect on property owners is still significant.

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Protect Your Right to Compensation

You have many important rights when facing eminent domain. Chief among them is your right to compensation. The government must pay you a just price for your property. If it takes only a portion of the property or an easement, the amount of compensation must reflect the detrimental impact on property value as a whole.

Initially, you may be tempted to accept the purchase offer. Yet by doing so, you could sell yourself short - and give up your opportunity to challenge the taking altogether. The government has a legal team dedicated to advancing its interests. So, too, you need an advocate to look out for your rights.

We're Read to Protect Your Interests

If your property is in jeopardy, contact McDowell Law Group LLP, a Houston-based law firm with a niche practice in eminent domain law. We represent property owners across Texas. With our experienced attorneys on your side, you can feel confident you won't get taken advantage of through a lowball offer or unlawful taking.

Our team is quick to identify grounds for challenging the state, such as if:

  • The government's appraisal falls well below what the property is actually worth
  • The purchase offer fails to consider important ramifications such as loss of business for commercial properties or decreased production for agricultural and industrial properties

Applying a meticulous eye for detail, our Houston eminent domain lawyers will make sure that none of the important issues in your case go overlooked. We take proactive measures to safeguard your rights.

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