Who Can Condemn My Land?


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The short answer to the question of who can condemn land is that the US Government has a constitutional right under eminent domain to condemn land and convert it to public use, provided that it pays you fair compensation for your loss. Fair compensation is typically defined as the property's fair market value. Our team at McDowell Law Group LLP can conduct independent research to help you determine what is considered "fair."

Entities with the authority to condemn land include:

  • Federal government
  • The government of the state of Texas
  • Any political subdivision of the state government (i.e. county, city or municipal)
  • Any corporation with eminent domain authority (such as a utility company or oil and gas pipeline company or a water improvement or water power control district created by law has the power to condemn your land)

If you have been contacted by any of the above entities, it is important that you contact our Houston land condemnation lawyers to learn more about your rights to fair compensation and what you should do next.

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Understanding Land Condemnation in Houston

When land is condemned, it is the government practicing their power of taking away land from private landowners for a governmental purpose. The land is then used for public use.

Protecting Texas Landowners' Rights

At McDowell Law Group LLP, we never represent the government or the utility companies in condemnation matters. Our entire eminent domain practice is dedicated to protecting the rights of Texas landowners to fair compensation for the land and property seized for public use.

If you have received notification that the government or a utility intends to take your property for a road expansion or in order to construct new power lines or a new oil or natural gas pipeline, the immediate intervention of an experienced Houston eminent domain attorney is important in fighting for the maximum fair value for your condemned land.

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