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Medical malpractice involves not only a breach of the standard of care resulting in serious injury or death. It also involves a breach of the trust we place in doctors, nurses, surgeons, and hospitals. We all understand that people make mistakes, but when a medical professional makes an error, the stakes can be life or death. We encourage victims of doctor and hospital negligence to call our Houston medical malpractice attorneys at McDowell Law Group LLP. Our team has extensive experience preparing and litigating claims that involve serious injuries resulting from malpractice. We bring decades of litigation experience and well-honed courtroom skills to each case under our care.

If you've been harmed by any of the following examples of medical negligence, call us today:

  • Failure to diagnose a serious or fatal condition such as cancer
  • Delayed diagnosis of heart attack or stroke
  • Surgical errors, complications and anesthesia mistakes
  • Birth injuries, including cerebral palsy
  • Medication errors
  • Any breach of the standard of care resulting in serious injury or death

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At McDowell Law Group LLP, we believe that doctors and hospitals should be held to strict standards of professionalism and care. When they fail to do their duty, we fight hard to hold them accountable in a civil lawsuit for the damages that their careless mistake may have caused. You can trust our firm to do whatever it takes to help you maximize your recovery, even if we have to go to court to do so.

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