The Condemnation Process

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The condemnation process is one in which a governmental unit or utility uses the courts to take your land for public use such as widening a road or highway, building overhead power lines or constructing a new pipeline.

What is the Property Condemnation Process?

  1. First you will receive a letter saying that the government wants to take your land. This is the first step.
  2. Second, you should consult a respected Houston land condemnation attorney at McDowell Law Group LLP. We can get to work immediately to protect your rights and insist on fair value for the land. We offer free consultation, so just give us a call.
  3. Third in the condemnation procedure is an offer letter from the government. The government tells you how much they are willing to give you for the land they are taking.
  4. During this time, we can begin helping you get an independent valuation or appraisal of your property so that we can make a case at the special commissioners' hearing to get you every dollar of fair compensation you deserve.

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