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Pipelines & Eminent Domain

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The Texas oil and gas boom requires a vast web of infrastructure. Pipelines are essential to oil exploration and distribution. But new pipelines must often traverse privately owned property. As new gas pipelines crisscross the state, many property owners find themselves losing land as a result.

Certain common carrier pipelines may have eminent domain authority. This means they may have the legal ability to take private property for public use, so long as they provide fair and just compensation. Depending on the needs of the project, pipelines may require only an easement, or they may take the entire parcel.

Don't Let Pipelines Trample Your Rights & Financial Interests

Are you a Texas property owner facing eminent domain due to new or expanded pipeline construction? If so, you have important rights and financial interests at stake. Don't leave these rights in the hands of an oil or gas company. Instead, turn to our Houston eminent domain attorneys at McDowell Law Group LLP. Our Houston-based attorneys represent property owners all across Texas.

We will tailor our approach to your situation and goals, for example, by:

  • Verifying that the pipeline company is an authorized entity with the legal ability to exercise eminent domain
  • Assessing whether the proposed pipeline has been approved through applicable state permitting processes
  • Negotiating a fair price with the pipeline company
  • Ensuring that the company complied with all necessary procedures
  • Challenging the taking in court, as needed

Our lawyers are skilled litigators and negotiators with decades of combined experience. We possess a firm grasp of state and federal law in this niche field. Additionally, as a small firm, we offer a level of client-centered service you won't find at a large firm. You can benefit from our team's collective experience and knowledge here at McDowell Law Group LLP.

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