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Making Insurance Companies Pay for Their Dishonest Practices

It is nice to think that your insurance company is holding your health and future security in good hands, that they are there to take care of you when something unexpected happens. But let's face the facts: insurance companies are in business to make a profit.

One of the ways that some insurance companies choose to keep an eye on the bottom line is by employing unfair claims practices such as denying legitimate claims. Although this is the more obvious indications of bad faith insurance practices, insurance companies have many other tactics up their sleeves.

What are some signs that an insurance company is handling your claim in bad faith?

  • Delaying settlements
  • Failing to investigate claims in a timely manner
  • Offering you a lower settlement than what your policy states
  • Treating you in an unprofessional or disrespectful manner
  • Intentionally misrepresenting your policy or the law
  • Refusing to provide documents you are entitled to

If you are getting frustrated with the way an insurance company is managing your claim, speak with our firm about the issue.

These are all examples of what is known as bad faith insurance practice. Some practices are subtle, so it is important to recognize whether an insurer is acting in bad faith.

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Bad faith insurance practices are a violation of the Texas legal code and may represent a breach of the insurance contract contained in your policy. Whether you are facing a battle over insurance coverage for a house or business fire, business and casualty loss, health crisis or automobile accident, the respected Houston bad faith insurance attorneys at McDowell Law Group LLP are here to help make sure the insurance companies live up to their legal obligations to treat you fairly and honestly.

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