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Fighting for a Cleaner Environment

At McDowell Law Group LLP, our environmental litigation practice revolves around every Texan's right to a safe and clean environment. We stand up for consumers and property owners who have been harmed by private and big industry polluters. No one is above the law in our eyes, and we are ready to help you hold polluters accountable.

Groundwater contamination is a serious problem for Texas ranchers, farmers, businesses and homeowners. If your or your property was harmed, reach out to our experienced Houston environmental litigation attorney. We act to protect the health and rights of individuals and businesses all across Texas

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Legal Guidance for Environmental Litigation Matters

Our firm provides sound legal guidance and cost-effective representation to clients in the Houston area and throughout Texas. We have represented clients seeking to pursue a variety of environmental litigation options. We always begin each case by listening to you, your goals, and the struggles that you are facing. Then we craft a legal strategy that is centered around your unique needs.

Some of your legal options in environmental law cases may include:

  • Civil remedies such as trespass, nuisance and contract lawsuits against polluters
  • Mass tort and class action cases - sometimes called toxic tort litigation - relating to damages caused by negligent exposure to hazardous substances
  • Lawsuits related to violations of state and federal environmental statutes, including the Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act
  • Lawsuits related to violations of regulations adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ)

Laws regarding environmental litigation are complex and constantly changing. Our dedicated litigators have over 30 years of experience, and we use this experience to solve even the most complex issues.

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